About Clinton

Clinton Kowach: Bible Prophecy Author of Submissive Wisdom

The current world is witnessing the unfolding of prophetic events and the importance of following God correctly is the ultimate calling. We are required to comprehend God’s expectations and to follow his teachings without hesitation. We are instructed to teach others with diligence and truth regardless of selfish motive. Currently, the masses are being lead astray from God’s expectation and his ultimate plan. Submissive Wisdom takes an in depth look into the act of submission, its benefits and rewards, along with its relevance during the current age. Without this knowledge the great deception will cause many to forsake their Creator and his return. Through diligent pursuit of wisdom through submission, mankind will be provided with the needed skills to survive the coming destruction and provide a light within a world full of darkness.

May God Guide You on Your Journey!


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