May God Guide You on Your Journey!

My Lord, My God

My Lord, My God, I pray to you for the strength to do these things that I know not. For placing me in the mist of this world and seeing the darkness that this world worships. Thank you for opening my eyes to see your ultimate message and for being the Lord and Savior of my life. I understand that I do not deserve anything from you or this world, but my humble love for you gives me hope and strength to continue day after day.

Without you, I am nothing. Without you, I have no purpose and no hope. You are the one that has determined what my life shall mean and what I shall do with my life. I thank you for this gift and for allowing me the vision and understanding to know that my life is a blessing to you.

My Lord, My God. Even with this understanding I struggle with the visions that I see. I struggle with watching our world and the darkness it worships. I struggle knowing that I must continue going down this path when the outcome is so clear. I know that thy will must be done and that what you want is the only objective I shall follow.

I know that you have the best intentions for me and my family. I know that your grace shall guide me through these dark times. You have promised to provide me with everything I need, so that I may fulfill your promise and my destiny.

I hope and wish that your love gives me strength. I look to you daily for your guidance and mercy. I pray to you to make my journey easier, knowing that you cannot give me this wish. I know the times ahead are filled with anguish and torment. Not just for me but for the entire world. You have warned all of us that this time would come and that you would be cleansing sin from this world.

Many have forgotten your promise and warnings. We are living in a world that no longer looks to you for hope and salvation. Mankind believes that we can create our own destiny and that we are the ones with the power. The illusion that Satan used in the garden is alive and well in the Narcissistic society we live in today.

How are we to show the world your promise and to warn them of your judgment? How are we to spread truth when everyone is speaking lies? How can someone with nothing, bring light to a world filled with nepotism and powerful alliances?

We have stories of ancient people that you helped raise up despite insurmountable odds. To us these are stories of people that had your blessing and guidance but our modern world no longer believes that you will do this again. We are told that you will provide prosperity if we donate money to the right church leader or are touched by the blessing of others. We are told this but your understanding allows me to see right through their lies. How must someone combat these lies and deception, when so many believe?

My Lord, My God, I believe in you and that you will do as you promised. You shall raise up those that speak the truth and those that provide correction during a time of deceit. I believe you will give power and strength to all those that will do thy will. I believe that you will give me the strength I need to fulfill my destiny.

Thank you, my God, for being my light and for allowing me to see you. For knowing that you are true and just and that you have my best interests. When I doubt, you provide love and support in ways that I cannot imagine. I pray to you to give me strength, to be the one who you promised to me I would be. I pray for you to no longer hold back your gifts and to allow me to do thy will, just like you allowed those ancient believers to do theirs. To have their understanding and lack of doubt, so that I will know, beyond comprehension, what I must do. Thank you, my Lord and Savior and in Jesus name I pray. Amen

Clinton Kowach


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