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You Foolish False Prophets, What Are You Doing?!?!

The disturbance in my soul watching the so-called prophets of God talk about Bible prophecy is beyond what I can measure. I watch the talking heads say prophecies that have nothing to do with the prophetic word and call them their own.  They state that these are revelations to them from God and that we are to follow them and their teachings.  Do you even read the Scripture or do you just speak whatever you think the world wants to hear?  Do you actually have an understanding of what prophecy is or just want to make it fit your narrative?

The most disturbing is that the United States will lead the world into the light and that God will use the United States to bring about the Millennium reign? Where in Scripture does it state that President Donald Trump will usher in a time of great harvest for the American Empire? Where do you find such deceitful words? They do not exist! You are talking and prophesying in God’s name to bring about your own notoriety and lust for success!  You are the false prophets that Jesus warned us about and we are instructed to not follow you.  Why do you intend on making up such false remarks and state that they are Biblical?  You are foolish to think that your deeds will be seen as righteous when the time comes!

I have seen many I believed understood the prophetic word become distracted with these false teachings and their message has become diluted with false words. You have lost your ability to see!  Is your success blinding you to the point that you no longer have the ability to understand the words of God?  Why do you feel that you are being led by the Holy Spirit and can add to Scripture when we are specifically warned not to do so?  You are being foolish!

I beg you to change your ways. Stop promoting companies that are trying to make money on your message! Stop trying to add to your “prophetic visions” when they have no backing in Scripture!  You are leading many astray and they are watching for events that will not happen.  Scripture never stated that a worldly power would bring about the millennial reign. Scripture never stated that there would be a country that is blessed during the Second coming. No! Stop it! You are being deceitful and are creating the foolish virgin!!

God specifically stated that ALL would be under His judgment and ALL would be subject to the trials of the day. We are told about the spiritual gifts that will be poured out upon mankind but these gifts are to be used according to His Word and not to add to it.  You are doing this for your own financial gain and notoriety.  This is a warning as the world will see your falsehood when your “prophecies” do not come true! Your followers will ask why they are being tormented and they will look to you as you are the reason for their lack of understanding.  Do you want this on your head? Do you truly want to live eternity knowing that you were the reason that many are living in torment with you?  All because of worldly wealth and status?  You are foolish and I beg you to stop!! Please stop as you are making it very hard for others to see what the Truth is and many will not be able to understand His Word because of you and your message!!


Clinton Kowach


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